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Sarah Heller

Teaching Associate, University of Washington College of Education and Instructor, University of Washington Botanic Gardens

Sarah is an environmental educator with over a decade of experience creating, building, and teaching nature-based programs. She received a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine then returned to Seattle to purse a year of hands-on graduate work at IslandWood where she earned a certificate in Education, Environment and Community. From there she completed her Master’s in Science Education at the University of Washington. Sarah spent six years at the University of Washington Botanic Gardens growing and building education programs. She developed and then directed their summer camp program for 5 years which now serves 500 kids every summer.

In 2013 her dream to open a school became a reality and she co-founded Fiddleheads Forest School, the pioneering nature-based preschool in Seattle where kids learn and grow outside all year round. Sarah is passionate about getting kids outside and connecting with the natural world through play, science and adventure.