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Warrior Song

November 6 – 10, 2024

Fayetteville, GA

Our nation’s veterans have served and protected our country and our freedom. Many of them have artistic talents that they put on hold during their time in the military, and now they are pursuing careers as professional singer/songwriters. Warrior Song is a highly unique “music industry boot camp” where those veterans can gain the tools and personal insights they need to succeed from award winning songwriters and industry pros.


Our veteran programs highlight the therapeutic value of songwriting, but Warrior Song is not music therapy. This program focuses on developing skills, gaining insights and learning tools.

Warrior Song brings in highly talented and successful professionals to help unsigned artists set goals and develop a path of action. Based in community, this 4-day program brings together veterans to live, sleep, eat, write songs, play, and share with Warriors who have walked in their boots and have had similar experiences. Past Warrior Song attendees have co-written songs and gone on to record them together. The capstone of the program is a live show for a small private audience and, to our knowledge, there is no other program like this.


The ideal candidate for Warrior Song is an active-duty, veteran, or military spouse who is already writing and performing their music for live audiences. Many already have professionally recording songs, and some of them play in and tour with bands. None were signed to a major record label before entering our program. Our goal is to help the dedicated artist “reach the next level” of development and to position them to be ready for discovery. We are looking for the artists who consider music a career, or at least a highly passionate hobby to be pursued around the demands of family and/or a “real job.”

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