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warrior Family Camp

Fayetteville, GA

2024: Sept. 13–15 | Nov. 1-3 | Nov. 22-24

2025: Feb. 28-March 2 | Sept. 26-28 | Oct. 24-26 | Nov. 21-23

 Camp Southern Ground’s mission has always been to serve children and veterans by helping them to identify and understand their own gifts and talents. Through our Summer Camp, Warrior Week, and Warrior PATHH programs, we have impacted hundreds of children and veterans and seen first-hand the impact intentional programming can have. This fall, we will leverage that knowledge as a catalyst for Warrior Family Camp.

We know that the experience of being a military family is a unique and often challenging situation. Multiple deployments, suicide, traumatic injuries, and mental health issues are just some of the common challenges which can cause even the most loving families to struggle with communication, unity, and connection. This Family Camp experience will provide the tools and training for each family member to learn more about themselves and each other; and the entire family unit will connect to determine their own values, communication rules, and family mission.

What happens at Family Camp?

Family Camp is a mixture of our traditional summer camp and veteran programs. Over three days, families will participate in fun, engaging activities together in addition to separate child and parent experiences. Families will also participate in activities and meals with other veteran families, creating a community of veteran families that lift up and support each other.

Warrior Family Camp Schedule

Who is eligible to attend Family Camp?

Warrior Family Camp is for families where at least one parent/guardian is a veteran or active-duty member of the U.S. military. It is an experience for both parents/guardians and their children. Each family will stay together at Camp Southern Ground in a private room in our Residential Lodge.

What constitutes a family at Family Camp?

With the understanding that “family” can mean something different for everyone, we accept and include both traditional and non-traditional families. All families structures – blended, adopted, or unique – are welcome.

Any family that wants to attend Family Camp needs to have at least three family members, including at least one child. Children must be ages 7-17. For families with some children within that age range and some younger, we recommend a weekend visit with family or friends for the younger children while the rest of the family attends camp.

Requirements for attendance:

  • At least one parent or guardian must be a veteran or active-duty military, or the spouse of a fallen or deceased service member.
  • Children must be ages 5-17.
  • Families with neurodiverse children are encouraged to apply. We will evaluate the needs of your child in advance to make sure we can fully support them.
  • Families in the middle of separation, divorce, or family legal issues are not encouraged to apply at this time. We do, however, welcome families who have been through these situations in the past.
  • Families who are working through challenges related to addiction, severe mental health, or any types of violence are not encouraged to apply. If your family is in need of assistance in these areas please contact us and we can help direct you to the appropriate support and resources.
  • Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. Smoking or tobacco products will be restricted to certain times and areas.
  • Weapons, including firearms or large blade weapons, are not permitted.

How much does it cost?

A $200 deposit is required after your application has been accepted and approved. This can be paid via credit card or check. At the end of the weekend, each family will have the option to receive back their deposit or to donate it to support other programs at Camp Southern Ground. If a family does not show or arrives late, their deposit will not be refunded and will be automatically donated to Camp Southern Ground.

2024 Dates

March 1-3 | Sept. 13–15 | Nov. 1-3 | Nov. 22-24

2025 Dates

Feb 28-March 2 | Sept. 26-28 | Oct. 24-26 | Nov. 21-23


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