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Dining Services Manager

Promise Farnsworth

Promise joined the Camp Southern Ground team in 2022, bringing with her 20 years of diverse experience in food service: everything from bussing tables to managing large teams of over 30 people, from catering big events to tailored meal service for private schools and camps. Originally from Colorado, Promise discovered her love of the culinary arts at a young age through baking: creating homemade treats for her sisters, friends, and neighbors. She then went on to work in various restaurants, learning all aspects of what it takes to create the gourmet experience for clients.

Since leaving the Rocky mountains she has spent the last 15 years in the South, giving her experience with a wide range and diversity of food cultures. Her adventures in the South began in Alabama, where she worked with her sisters to start up an inclusive children’s theatre company, as well as submerging herself in the delights of Southern food through her chef work there.

Now well established on the food scene in Georgia, Promise continues working with children in a number of ways: through music, in choir and band, as well as theater, and as always, at camp. Summer camp has always been one of her favorite places since she was a kid, and she’s delighted to now be a part of the Camp Southern Ground team. In addition to music & kids, Promise loves to feed people more than anything. She lives with her entire family right here in Fayetteville – three generations under one roof! – and spends her free time cooking at home, working with kids in the community, and visiting tiny houses up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.