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Assistant Program Manager, Warrior Week

Robert Weaver

After dedicating 30 years to Naval service, Rob’s life took a transformative turn in August 2022 when he attended Warrior Week. It was during this experience that he uncovered his true “purpose,” setting him on a new path in the realm of real estate. While the world of real estate offered excitement and fulfillment, he continued to seek a deeper calling, something that would truly “fill his cup” and allow him to serve others in a meaningful way.

In September 2023, an opportunity emerged that perfectly aligned with Rob’s aspirations. He stepped into the role of Assistant Program Manager for Warrior Week, becoming an essential part of the team. Rob brings a passionate and unwavering commitment to his role, driven by his own transformative experience as a participant in the very program he now manages. His mission is clear: to provide others with the same life-changing benefits that he himself received.

Outside of his professional life, Rob shares his journey with his loving wife, Stephanie Weaver, who is also a valued member of the Camp Southern Ground team. Together, they are proud parents to four amazing children: Tyler, Kyle, Karly (who serves as a CSG Summer camp counselor), and Nathaniel. Their family calls Williamson, Georgia home, and they are accompanied by their ever-faithful labradoodle, Oreo.

Rob’s commitment to service and his dedication to helping others find their purpose are a testament to the transformative power of programs like Warrior Week and Camp Southern Ground.