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Veteran Care and Intake Manager

Thomas Rees

Tom Rees serves as the Veteran Care and Intake Manager at Camp Southern Ground, supporting the wellbeing programs. He graduated from Clemson University with a double major in Political Science and Psychology and then spent five years as an officer in the Marine Corps. While in the service, Tom was a battalion training officer responsible for air defense and was deployed with the Navy on the USS America. In 2018, Tom transitioned to Boston Scientific to the role of Senior Clinical Specialist, where he trained medical teams on how to use specialized equipment. While he enjoyed the opportunity to help prostate cancer patients, he felt there was a job out there for him that could be just as fulfilling without involving so much travel.

Seeking work that used more of his strengths, Tom discovered Warrior Week, where he confirmed his hunch that work serving veterans was more meaningful and aligned with his values. He is driven to help veterans discover their strengths and live fulfilling lives. As part of the Wellbeing Team, Tom helps others find the right program for the stage they are in their journey. He is a program instructor and is the first point of contact a service member or veteran has with the wellbeing programs.

Tom loves playing with his two young children and dogs in his spare time, which admittedly usually ends with mud in the house and somebody crying. He loves playing (and typically losing) pickleball and reading the same bedtime story over and over. Tom and his wife, Megan, live in Suwanee, Georgia.