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Remedy Circle is a community of dedicated individuals who share our passion for driving meaningful change.

In 2011, Zac Brown founded Camp Southern Ground, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving kids, veterans, and their families. That same year, the Remedy Circle was formed to unite and engage a group of generous and highly-involved individuals committed to ensuring that Camp Southern Ground has the ability to serve as many children and veterans as possible.

This year, we bring back the Remedy Circle for our top, most committed donors. Your non-event gift of $10,000 a year will amplify our ability to create lasting positive impact for the veterans and youth we serve. Benefits of membership in this exclusive community include:

  • An invitation and two tickets to our annual Farm + Table
  • Special Content from Zac Brown
  • Tailored Updates and Content
  • A Custom Anniversary Gift

Join us on this transformative journey as we positively impact our nation’s heroes, kids, and, ultimately, the world.