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Summer Fund is a motivated community of individuals who make recurring contributions to support our Summer Camp program.

Your decision to become a monthly donor will have an immeasurable, long-term impact on the lives of the youth we serve, and we are deeply grateful for your dedication. Monthly gifts bring consistent support to our programs and ensure no child misses the life-changing experience of summer camp due to financial constraints.

As a valued member of Summer Fund, you will regularly receive stories and updates on how your contributions are making a difference, so you can witness firsthand the positive change you are creating. Other benefits include:

  • A Unique Camp Experience
  • Early Access to Event Opportunities
  • Specialized Youth Content
  • A Custom Anniversary Gift

“I cannot explain the impact this camp had on my son. He had a hard time making friends at school and just connecting with peers in general. When I picked him up, he beamed confidence. Seeing him interact with kids that viewed him as an equal was priceless. All of the counselors knew the kids by name… just an absolute amazing experience.”

Prefer to give once a year? Join Summer Fund with an annual gift starting at $120.

Change a Life Today

Founded by music artist Zac Brown with the purpose of putting more into the world, Camp Southern Ground is changing and, in some cases, saving the lives of kids and veterans every day. Your generosity will make a difference by:

  • Supporting veterans and their families in their transition to life after military service
  • Helping keep kids and teens learning, active, healthy, and connected
  • Guaranteeing our Warrior programs are always provided at no cost to veterans
  • Ensuring cost will never be a reason a child does not experience summer camp