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Changing Lives This Holiday and Beyond

Founded with the purpose of putting more into the world, Camp Southern Ground is changing and, in some cases, saving the lives of kids and veterans every day. Your generosity will make a difference.

As issues like youth mental health, bullying, technology addiction, social isolation, and lack of healthy outdoor play continue to increase, we are dedicated to providing a summer camp experience that serves as a positive influence in the social and emotional development for our campers. We are also committed to serving and supporting veterans and their families as they navigate the mental health and wellbeing challenges that can come with the transition from active service back to civilian life.

In the face of our greatest challenges, we are always better together through connection, community, camaraderie! Support Camp Southern Ground and your one-time or recurring gift, at any time of the year, will:

  • Give confidence, connection, and a sense of belonging to kids at camp and in life.
  • Support the wellbeing, identity, and community of our nation’s veterans and military families.

Thank you for your support!