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What Different Can Do

Celebrate Different, Support Inclusion

According to the CDC, rates of depression and anxiety among American adolescents increased by more than 50% between 2010 and 2019. In addition to the negative impact of too much time on screens and social media, being bullied or rejected by other children is also a risk factor for anxiety and depression.

Join us this month for What Different Can Do, a campaign aimed at addressing the growing anxiety levels among today’s youth by fostering inclusion and character development; by creating a sanctuary free from digital distractions where children can rediscover the joy of nature and genuine human connection.

Our programs prioritize the cultivation of life skills such as resilience, empathy, and leadership. By nurturing these fundamental qualities, we equip children with the tools they need to confidently navigate the challenges of today’s world with acceptance and empathy.

Help us shape a brighter, more compassionate future for our youth. One that changes the world for good.