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Veterans Day Partner Toolkit

Research has repeatedly shown that a stunning number of our nation’s veterans struggle with life after service. Camp Southern Ground’s Warrior Programs ensure veterans have the resources and supportive community to thrive at home and have long term success in life, family, and community. This Veterans Day, Camp Southern Ground, Zac Brown Band and our supporters stand by our nation’s veterans – we appreciate them, we support them, we need them.

Join us by honoring the veteran warriors in your life. Post about them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtag #MyWarrior and ask your friends to do the same!



  • Camp Southern Ground is dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our nation’s veterans.
  • Supporters will be asked to pay tribute to these heroes by sharing a photo of a veteran in their life and post using the hashtag #MyWarrior
  • Photos with the #MyWarrior hashtag will be shared across Camp Southern Ground and Zac Brown Band social channels.



Sample copy:

  • Camp Southern Ground believes in the power of stories to inspire and unite us. As Veterans Day approaches, join me as they share #MyWarrior stories – stories of resilience, courage, and the unwavering spirit of our veterans. We invite you to join us for this journey.
  • There’s no limit to how much positivity we can create in support of veterans… so post about your warrior, or share several posts and as many warriors as you know. Use hashtag #MyWarrior to post about your veteran on your choice of social media and we’ll share it. Ask other people you know to share their Warrior’s story, too. Tag friends and family in your post with the challenge to create a social wave for our veterans! #VeteransDay (LINK TO CAMPAIGN »
  • I’m proud to celebrate #MyWarrior! I honor celebrate you! @Campsouthernground We are proud to partner with @CampSouthernGround this Veterans Day. When our country needs warriors, our veterans are there. Help us take over social media as we lift up and honor their service and sacrifice by sharing a photo of your warrior with #MyWarrior.
  • This Veterans Day, we are honored to partner with @CampSouthernGround to recognize our nation’s Warriors. With the challenges and triggers of this year, these heroes need our support more than ever. Help [your company name] raise some noise for our veterans by posting about them using the hashtag #MyWarrior. Share and ask your friends to do the same! We’re proud to support @CampSouthernGround and veteran mental health and wellbeing. Join us! #MyWarrior
  • Join us this Veterans Day to raise awareness for the positive impact veterans have in our communities. We are proud to partner with @CampSouthernGround to honor the veterans in our lives and support their mental health and wellbeing. Share a photo of your Warrior with #MyWarrior and ask your friends to do the same.
  • Share photos of veterans or military activations in your organization:
    Today we honor ____________, one of our own. ___ served in the _____ and we are proud to celebrate him/her today and every day. Share your warriors with us too! @CampSouthernGround #MyWarrior


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