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Painting with Watercolors

Apr 14 | What Different Can Do

Today’s craft that anyone can do is inspired by on Instagram! As a side note, she posts a ton of super fun art projects for all ages of kids. Painting is such a fun way to express your creativity, and this method allows for great results with the simplest supplies and techniques.

What you’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paints and brush(es)
  • Tape (like Washi, blue painter’s tape, masking tape, etc)

Step 1
Prepare your paper with the tape and the design you want to be left behind. Wherever you put the tape will end up being left white, so cut or tear the tape to size and stick it down to the paper. For this project, I spelled out my name – Hope – but you could also use the tape to create different lines and shapes as well!

With this technique using strips of tape, some letters are easy to make like the capital H, but some others are a lot harder. Doing big blocky letters is the easiest way to get your point across.

Step 2
Once the tape is all down, you can go ahead and paint right over everything. Play around with whatever colors you like.

Watercolor paints are great for crafts because they dry very quickly. Make sure to wait for the paint to be completely dry before you pull the tape though, so the color doesn’t bleed through.

Step 3
Be as careful as you can while taking the tape off, so the paper doesn’t tear. If the tape is really stuck, a little heat from a hairdryer can do the trick of loosening things up. Once the tape is off, you’ll be left with a relief of the design behind your colors!

If you give this technique a try, you might find out you’re more of a painter than you thought! Have fun!

Hope Blaszczynski
Asst. Camp DIrector