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A Story of Hope: Sarah

Apr 10 | What Different Can Do

Being different isn’t always easy, especially for kids. In a world where children can be teased for almost any reason, standing out can sometimes feel like a burden rather than a gift. And with the constant pull of screens and the overwhelming stimuli bombarding them daily, it’s no wonder that many children struggle with disconnection and anxiety.

However, amidst these challenges, there are stories of hope that remind us of the resilience and potential within each child.

Meet Sarah, a camper who joined us at Camp Southern Ground feeling apprehensive and unsure of herself. Sarah had always been made fun of for being a little different, making her feel like an outsider among her peers. But at camp, she discovered a community where her uniqueness was celebrated rather than ridiculed.

Through engaging in activities like art, culinary, and our silent disco, Sarah found herself surrounded by friends who shared her interests and passions. She embraced the opportunity to unplug from screens and immersed herself in the joy of nature, adventure, and new friendships.

As the days passed, Sarah blossomed into a confident and empathetic leader, inspiring her fellow campers with her curiosity and kindness. By the end of her time at camp, she had forged deep connections and memories that would last a lifetime.

“Sarah loved her Camp Southern Ground experience! She learned new skills and, most of all, felt accepted, like she belonged. She returned home with so much more confidence!” – Sarah’s mom, Kimberly

Stories like Sarah’s fuel our commitment to What Different Can Do, a campaign dedicated to addressing the rising anxiety levels among children by fostering inclusivity and character-building. At Camp Southern Ground, we provide a digital-free space where kids can unplug, reconnect with nature, and forge meaningful connections with one another.

Join us and together we can make a difference in the lives of children and empower them to face the world with courage and confidence.